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photoIn My Mommy’s Kitchen

by Minister Diana King


On this Mother’s Day

my mind takes me back

to wonderful memories of my Mother’s kitchen

In my Mother’s kitchen

I learned many things.

I learned how to make greens, cabbage and the perfect rice.  Not only did I learn how to cook a whole Thanksgiving dinner, but I also learned the secret to my Mother’s famous sour cream cake.

In my Mother’s kitchen

there was laughter and tears.

Laughter once when I made a horrible pot of  rice that came out like soup and

tears once when I thought I lost the love of my life.  You know – puppy love.

But most of what I learned in my Mother’s kitchen was life lessons.

Like, why it was important to get a good education and

why it was important to be respectful to your elders.

I learned the importance of being faithful and about family values.

I learned, just because I was eighteen, I wasn’t grown yet.

I learned responsibility.

In my Mother’s kitchen there was comfort and love.

In my Mother’s kitchen, seeds were being planted by my Mother that helped

shape my life.

This Mother’s Day, I want to encourage Mothers to spend some time with your daughters or sons in your kitchen.

It’s a good way to bond with your child and a good way to plant seeds that will

last a lifetime.

So on this Mother’s Day, I want to thank my Mom for allowing me to be in her kitchen and for leaving me with memories that has lasted a lifetime.  You gave me many things to pass onto my kids.

Thanks Mom for planting the seeds and watching them grow.

I Love you.